MouaKong Vang

Advisor and Coordinator


MouaKong Vang is an educator, community organizer and artist. In 2009, he co-founded Spiral Youth Club, established to empower Hmong youth in obtaining higher education, cultural identity, and community engagement in the greater Seattle area. In 2014, he graduated from at Concordia University St. Paul with a major in Secondary Education and minor in Hmong Studies. He is passionate about working with youth through arts, culture and education. He is a member of an Asian-American spoken word group in the Twin Cities area, Speakers of the Sun. Additionally, he engages in the art of Krump. Mouakong currently teaches 6th grade Social Studies in the Saint Paul Public Schools.

SSMT Statement

A few years back, Tou SaiKo Lee and I had numerous discussions regarding the preliminary stages of SSMT. As organizers, we hashed out a number of things around where to begin, in what capacity, and the purpose behind SSMT. Together we developed the raw vision and mission of SSMT and now we are seeing the fruits of our labor. As a second generation Hmong-American who has looked to Hip-Hop art forms numerous times, I felt connected to this effort to bring the inspirations I loved to those in the motherland. As an Advisor of SSMT, my efforts are to push the initiative forward, to aid artists’ and their curriculum development, to connect people, and promote this amazing project. I want to help young and talented Hmong-Americans in painting a narrative of hope and empowerment by sharing their art with those who have less.