Meng Yang

Educational Advisor (Former Member)


Meng Yang is a an English and AVID teacher at Champlin Park High School in Champlin, MN.  He earned his Masters of Teaching from Bethel University and his English degree from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.  Prior to teaching, he worked closely with underrepresented youth from Minneapolis and St. Paul in health, art, and advocacy programs.  Meng was also heavily involved with the Hmong music and art community.  His band, Watching Leona, contributed music and time to community projects such as the H Project and the Mental Health Awareness project; volunteered their time and passion to community fundraisers; and created several albums of music.   Meng is also a co-founder of the Anoka Hennepin Teachers of Color Coalition, which seeks to promote awareness and positive change within school districts to recruit and retain teachers of color.  He has attended national conferences and will be presenting at the national NAME conference in Cleveland, OH, in the fall of 2016.

SSMT Statement:

Street Stops to Mountain Tops is a logical and natural project for me to be involved in.  It incorporates student advocacy, social justice, educational pedagogies, and preservation of culture into one complex yet valuable project.  I enjoy working with some of the brightest and motivated community advocates, artists, and educators to figure out how we can share and teach various forms of art to Hmong students on the other side of the world; and perhaps, more importantly, how to sustain our practices so that future students can benefit from this program.  Although I have spent several years contributing and sharing art as a musician and performer, I am excited to accept this role of an organizer and consultant and utilize my knowledge and experience as a teacher and educator.  It is my hope that what we do today becomes sustainable and valuable to generations of people.