Kevin Yang

Marketing and Media Manager | Photography Teaching Artist


Kevin is a Hmong American multidisciplinary artist from the Twin Cities. He works primarily in the mediums of spoken Word, filmmaking, and theater. He has performed at venues such as Brave New Voices and CUPSI. He has also featured on platforms such as Button Poetry and the Fulcrum. He is also a member of the Speakers of the Sun APIA spoken word collective. Kevin finds great inspiration unraveling his experience as a Hmong soul born in the United States and has a great fondness for almond milk. 


"I took my first journey to Thailand when I was a sophomore in college on a study abroad trip and it fundamentally changed how I saw the world. Connecting with my kin across the ocean and rediscovering my family’s history opened my eyes to new directions I wanted to take in my life. Being able to combine that passion with my own passion for the arts felt like the perfect fit for where I wanted to be. My vision for SSMT 2018 is to bring my skills as a media maker and a storyteller to share the powerful journey that we are on as a team as well as the journey that our Hmong communities across the world are on as well."