Kevin Bboy Keej Vang

Bboy Teaching Artist

Kevin, also known as Bboy Keej, resides in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is an artist that has a passion towards B-boying or breakdance with 8 years of practice. While pursuing a degree in health communications he is also a part time instructor at House of Dance studio of Hip Hop. At the same time Kevin runs a student organization called Metro State Break Club with hopes to intertwine health and breaking. His favorite quotes are "Each one, Teach one" and "Don't sacrifice what you want in the long run for what you want in the moment."

The reason I joined SSMT is to connect to my roots and deepening of the self by doing so. I very much believe in term, "know where you came from." Its also a goal of mine to share what I love with my homeland and learn from each other. I hope to find inspiration for my futures goals and create strong bonds with the people I meet on this journey.