Keng Chris Yang

Guitar Teaching Artist


Keng Yang is a guitarist, singer, and song writer born and raised in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. He got into music later in life, by the time he actually picked up a guitar, he was already 18 years old. Before then, he was in a singing group for fun with his brother Nhia. They created a acapella group called Y5. The group had 5 guys in there; Keng, Nhia, Hue, Vong, and Leng. All of their last names were Yang, hence Y5. Eventually they went their separate ways because of different views and ideas. Keng has 2 degrees in design and music. He hopes to start a media business soon, with his "5 After 6" team, that touches all aspects in media such as videos, acting, music, games, etc.

SSMT Statement

"I was very fortunate to be almost done with school around the time my friend, the creator of Street Stops and Mountain Tops, Tou SaiKo Lee contacted me for this opportunity. At the same time, my teacher Pornchai Chaiyamart also presented me with an opportunity to work with him sending teachers to go teach in Thailand and pretty soon China too. I have never been back to land where my parents came from and after my 1st trip, I've been able to learn so much from my parent's point of view. I see now why I must appreciate everything that I have here in America. I'll be going back again this year on 2 different occasions. The 1st for a site visit and the 2nd time to teach. During these trips I hope to connect and gain even more knowledge of myself and my people and bring that knowledge back here to America."