Kalia Vang

Advisor (Former Member)


Kalia graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a business and marketing education degree. However, after realizing her passion for children and the youth, Kalia switched to a new path of education and moved to Thailand where she taught for young children for two years. Kalia is currently back in the U.S. working with young children and pursuing a masters in school counseling.



After spending two years teaching in Thailand, I fell in Love with education and the realization of just how much of a positive impact I had on my children. Watching them come to school excitedly every day and hearing how much they love coming to school, I knew I wanted to continue being a part of a process that let me foster these brilliant little minds. That is what I feel Street Stops Mountain Tops gives to the youth; a vision for a future that they never knew was within their reach. Their mission to inspire and bring the arts to children who don’t get these kinds of opportunities, is what brought me to become an advisory member for SSMTS.