Chynna Heu Moua

Hip-Hop Teaching Artist (Former Member)


Chynna Heu Moua is a Hmong Canadian multidisciplinary artist that developed her art growing up in the Twin Cities. She has found healing through her art of writing poetry and urban dance. Chynna uses these art forms as vehicles for social change and youth engagement. She has taught dance abroad, at local community centers and studios to youth. She’s been writing in journals since she was 6 and has been writing spoken word poetry since she was 13. Chynna has competed in poetry slams such as Be Heard and is apart of the 2019 Be Heard cohort who will compete at Brave New Voices. Chynna strives to engage and inspire new generations through art as she was.



“When I was given the opportunity to be apart of SSMT, I knew it would be a great opportunity to reconnect to where I came from. Being a third generation Hmong immigrant separated from most of my family living in Canada, I’ve always felt sheltered from my culture. And when I heard about SSMT, I knew it was a unique opportunity to rediscover my heritage and to not only share a part of who I am to Hmong children overseas, but learn from them as well.”