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When I was younger, I was what they called a “troubled youth”. Gangs were prevalent around me and there were many negative influences. During that time, I reflected back on the situation within my community. We lacked resources, positive role models, positive outlets and inspiration. I felt that my whole generation was headed for self-destruction. I was so frustrated. I made a promise to myself that when grew older, I was going to change and strive to create more opportunities for the next generation.

I was on a relentless pursuit for hope. I started doing community work in schools, community centers and afterschool programs. I knew that the potential for inspiration was by uplifting the youth and showing them positive ways to express themselves creatively through the arts.

Over the years, my path as taken me to many places and I’ve met many great people along the way. I realized that it was about connecting to build movement with others of similar passions, mentoring young people to have confidence of expression and influence others to give back. Now I want to bring this energy to support villages and orphanages of Southeast Asia.

I am truly proud to let everyone know about this project called Street Stops and Mountain Tops. We put our hearts and hard work into this. It’s been 5 years in the making and now it’s going to become a reality!

Please support our project with link on online Crowdfunding campaign through Generosity.

Shout out to our fiscal sponsor In Progress, the SSMT 2016 team and everyone who helped out along the way!! Much love!!


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